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835 Front St
Lahaina, HI 96761

(808) 667-6211

Home of the Lahaina Yacht Club

Board of Governors


Meet your 2019 Flag Officers

Our vision is:

a.  To promote yacht racing, cruising, motor boating, fishing and various other marine activities and general interest therein.

b.  To promote facilities for the comfort, convenience and enjoyment of members and their guests.

c.  To afford members the opportunity to learn elementary navigation, astronomy, seamanship, safety regulation, communications, and all other subject matters pertaining to ships, harbors and marine affairs.  

The members of this Club annually elect nine Officers to serve as a Board of Governors whose duties shall be prescribed in the By-Laws.


Commodore  - Linda Rickabaugh

Commodore - Linda Rickabaugh

Vice Commodore  - David Williams (Also a Past Commodore)

Vice Commodore - David Williams (Also a Past Commodore)

RC Power  - Jenn Lake Thomas

RC Power - Jenn Lake Thomas

RC Sail  - Vacant Position

RC Sail - Vacant Position

Fleet Captain  - Nancy Goode

Fleet Captain - Nancy Goode

Port Captain  - Dave Schubert

Port Captain - Dave Schubert

Secretary  - Amy "AZ" Richards

Secretary - Amy "AZ" Richards

Staff Commodore  - Jan Nolan

Staff Commodore - Jan Nolan

Treasurer  - Ken Clark

Treasurer - Ken Clark