Lahaina Yacht Club

Intermediate Membership

We welcome your interest in becoming a member of Lahaina Yacht Club (LYC).  It's your responsibility to read, understand and follow our application procedure in order to become an Intermediate Member.

The Applicant must have one (1) sponsor.  The sponsor must write a letter of recommendation. An application submitted below cannot be processed unless it is completed with the following documents and payment.  We appreciate your organization by submitting documents, photo(s) and payment together, which may be submitted to the Club Secretary during office business hours, Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM HST. 

Contact Club Secretary:, 808.661.0191 or US Mail:  835 Front Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

The Membership Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month held at LYC, 4pm.  As an intermediate Applicant the Primary Member must attend the meeting.  Once an application is complete then a temp applicant card may be issued to applicant(s). 

Questions:  Contact Membership Committee at


  • Letters of Recommendation - Sponsor may send via email


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