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Lahaina Jackpot 2013 - recap



The results are tallied but before the “important” news I wanted to take a moment to once again say Mahalo for your participation and support of the 2013 Jackpot Fishing Tournament! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and I appreciate your patience with the program; I think everyone will agree that we have turned a corner and we hold high hopes for the future.

Obviously events like this cannot occur without your participation (and) the support of our sponsorship.

Ocean Vodka and Kona Brewing along with Pioneer Inn have been supporting the Lahaina Yacht Club for many years and we certainly appreciate their steadfast consistency.

New relationships with Fleetwood’s on Front Street has clearly proven a tremendous success - What a Party! -  -  As well as the exciting opportunity to win a brand new FORD courtesy of Jim Falk’s Valley Isle Motors will continue to develop the corps of interested sponsorship opportunities in the future. 

Web development and graphic design by Cerebral Itch Creative Agency has certainly moved the programing toward the ultimate position of consistent organization. Along with event organization by the team at AdventureQuinn and Sport Fishing host The Yacht Jayhawk enabled our sponsors to see what the fun was all about first hand. Lastly you cannot put a price on free ICE! Mahalo to Kihei ICE for their generosity (all weekend).

Please make sure to spread the word about our sponsors, patronize their establishments and check out their web sites with links on the jackpot web pages.

Don’t forget that our band Alapa Drive will be back at Fleetwood’s this Friday and Saturday night!

AND - The Winner Is...

We had a total of 13 teams competing over the course of the weekend and I am proud to announce total prizes in excess of $14,000!

On the Women’s side, we saw an exciting exchange with Die Hard 2 hooking up in a record 7 minutes after the start - YES, I did check their Fish Box... No Problem and Jayhawk each had a storyteller episode with Marlins hooked up but were unable to land the Big One.

Maui Jim nearly had a clean sweep; 1st, 2nd, and 4th, all Ono weighing 26.2, 20.4 and 16.8, with prize money totaling $994.50. Their run was spoiled by Die Hard 2 who nabbed 3rd place with a prize of $175.0, again an Ono at 18.6# -  Well done Ladies!

Over the weekend we had another Marlin hook up that proved to pay the price! Follow Me with Captain Rail Jennings was able to bring the big fish along side for some exceptional photo work - I think they even asked the fish to say cheese - after releasing the Blue and without any other “Catch and Release” action over the weekend  Follow Me  captured not only the C&R purse of $7,000.0 but also the point total prize money of $2,880.0 for a total of $9,880.0 ! Guess we know who has the bar bill... ...

In second with a nice Ono Capt. Fuzzy Alboro and the Die Hard 2 gang will cash in with $1,440 ( a decent weekend for Die Hard 2 )

Third Place was represented by Privateer and Capt Greg Olderman with a 23.2 Mahi-mahi good for $864.0, nicely done Greg!

Jayhawk rounded out the top 4 with their 21.2 Mahi with some solid crew skills on the part of Kevin “Kevlar” McGlaughlin... “Comin’ in Hot!” Kevlar was able to trade in his gaff for what looked like a lacrosse stick and scooped up the fighting Mahi off the port side and with a flick of the wrist launch the fish over the transom - free of the gaff - and into the box on the stbd side. Way to be a hero - could have easily been a zero!

With regard to Optionals - expect some reimbursements... we had no Marlin landed, no qualifying Ahi and no qualifying entries for Mahi, leaving the Ono category won by Island Time.

Once again, a Big Mahalo to one and all especially our volunteers! Nancy Goode as Money Bags, Bob Hofmann as the weigh-master, Kent Knowley and his band of marauders on the dock crew, Commodore Lars Bertelsen coordinating the dock traffic and don’t forget Kevin Gagnon on the ICE trailer each morning at 5AM, way to take one for the team Kevin!

My name is Adam Quinn and it has been my pleasure to be RC Power for the Lahaina Yacht Club’s 2013 Jackpot Fishing Tournament, hope to see you all in 2014!