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About LYC Membership

1.  What types of membership does LYC offer?

LYC offers the following types of membership and we suggest you click on the links below to learn more about the membership process: 

  • Regular - For Maui residents or those who reside on Maui MORE than 60 days in a calendar year

  • Associate - For those who visit Maui LESS then 60 days in a calendar year

  • Intermediate - For the young adults who desire to have their own membership, ages 18-26

  • Junior - For juniors interested in our sailing program

*  Memberships are for a year, January 1 - December 31.  We do not offer a 1, 3 or 6 month membership

*  Regular members MUST attend a Membership Committee Meeting, held the first Tuesday of each month at 4pm 

*  Dues, are a one-time fee for the year, there is no additional fees or X amount that needs to be spent at the Club per quarter

2.  What's the benefit of joining the LYC?

  • Voting for Regular members

  • Reciprocity - World-wide reciprocal privileges with over 1,000 yacht clubs

  • Oceanfront Dining - Best view on Front Street and great food for the best value

  • Events - at least once a month the club has some activity or fundraiser for our community

  • Ship Store - Members receive discounts on unique treasurers and logo wear

  • Yacht Races - from Vic Maui International Yacht Race to inter-island junior sailing regattas

  • Sailing Programs - Learn how to sail as a junior or an adult with our expanding programs

  • Birthday's - Visit LYC on your Birthday and receive drink chips

  • Camaraderie - Long-term friendships and wonderful memories, LYC established in 1965

3.  How do I become a member of the LYC?

As a private club, a LYC member in good standing needs to sponsor you, the applicant, and known you for at least (3) months.  NOTE:  A husband and wife counts as one person.

  • A Regular membership requires two (2) LYC Regular members to sponsor you

  • An Associate membership requires two (2) LYC Associate or one (1) Regular member

4.  How do I join if I don' t know a LYC Member?

Contact the membership committee at

5.  How do I reinstate my membership if i let it lapse?  

A reinstatement fee applies plus current dues.  If its been more than a year, then you must go through the process again and reapply. 

6.  With a LYC membership, do I have Reciprocity with other clubs?

We have reciprocity with most Marine or Water Activity clubs world-wide.  Clubs that we do not have reciprocity, please click here. 

7.  DO I have to own a boat to be a LYC member?

No, because we do not have slips unlike many yacht clubs on the mainland. 

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